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Looking Forward to the Future

Well, the last 18 months has certainly brought its challenges to those of us who are part of the musical world. All at once, music making came to an end. Orchestras, bands and choirs couldn’t meet, music lessons in schools ceased and we were all left floundering and wondering what to do with our musical abilities.

As the weeks and months progressed, ensembles of all kinds were making use of all the online resources we have to communicate with each other and started to come together via virtual bands. Wirral Symphonic Wind Band (WSWB) took up the challenge and music was shared across the members of the group. Thanks to the wonders of technology, we were able to make music once again and share in the delight of bringing our musical tones together and creating a wonderful piece.

Our spirits were lifted and a way forward was observed.

However, the lockdowns created by Covid dragged on, the inability to mix with others continued and life, work and home-life started to travel down very different paths and unfortunately, music for me took a back seat. My flute was picked up from time to time when my own children wanted to hear me play but my keenness for music making had sadly subsided. Making my business work through a pandemic, home-schooling my children and ensuring my family were well took priority.

But, all is not lost. This summer seems to have shown great positivity in all ways of life and musical gatherings are beginning to gather and show off their musical talents and grace the public with the joy of live music once again. The wonderful and dedicated committee of WSWB have come together and we are within arms reach of getting back to a venue and once again gracing each other's ears with the joys of music and all the wonderful sounds we can make as an ensemble.

So, its time to exercise those fingers, dust off the instruments and get ready to perform!

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